Minggu, 03 Agustus 2014

aw sh*t, it's august already

aw man, it's august already!
that's mean we only have 4 months left in 2014
a year almost passed by and I still don't have something to proud
I don't have any achievement yet, or cool jobs, or my own car... auu man...sucks

yeah it's my fault
do I regret it? yeah but only for a moment
wise words said that we shouldn't regret for what we've done bcos we learnt something from those things
such words...

so, for august I only have 1 thing in my bucket list
"get a new job"
some of my friends have taken a step to resign from their job
some of them are working at a better place, some are unemployed and some are doing their own business

I really stuck right now
my current job is soo booriinggg
maybe it's just my feeling bcos I don't have any passion for what I'm doing right now
what is in my head when I'm heading to my office is about what am I going to write for my resignation letter

people said that this august will happen every 500 years blah blah blah
and Chinese people believe that something good will happen this month
yeah amen for that
hope sth magical happen to me